Air Pollution

A place where the air smells better


Even if the city of Annecy has already known some days of pollution, It's trying to be better and more ecological for its citizen.

In 2014, Annecy was the second most polluted city in France. This news has triggered in citizens of Annecy the desire to change this thing.

Thanks to this changing and thanks to things like area sensor, we can in real time evaluate, on a 0-100 scale, the pollution of the city and make some prevision for coming days

The following map that you can find on the right is taken from The ATMO website and make reference about areas that are the most in polluted place.

You can also take the link below:

High Spikes Solution

In case of high pollution spikes, the town hall of Annecy decided to encourage people using transportation by setting 1€ the entrance in the bus to reduce the utilization of cars.
Visit the transport page.

You can also download the new measures in case of High Pollution Spikes in french HERE