Multimodale transportation

Bus stop
A multimodale station is a smart way to connect all different kind of transports to one place, by doing so it will facilitate changing from one transport to another one.

The reason for building a multimodale in Annecy has been born out of a desire to bring together all sort of transport services into to one place. By doing so citizens/tourist of Annecy will easily get around Annecy.

Cities around the world are building multimodale points in their city as a way to facilitate and tend to its daily commuters. Making these environmental options available for the people will make more people choose environmental options. It’s something a lot of smart cities around the world are trying to do. They are combing efficiency, expanding transportation options while trying to reduce environmental emissions is a step towards being a smart city and improving life in Annecy.

When the pollution leval is high we encourage people to take the bus instead of the car, we will lower the fare to 1€ instead 1,40€. For more information about our transportation system and time tables look under public transportation.